Sunday, April 27, 2008

And so's your mother

A little early for Mother's Day, but what the hell.

There's a tradition within a certain segment of the jazz world that you probably won't ever read about in the New Grove. It's an outgrowth of the kind of Mom jokes that can be found in the dozens and other language-based street games. Basically, you take the phrase "your Mom" and insert it into any well-known jazz standard. E.g., "Love for Sale" becomes "Your Mom for Sale," "Smoke Gets in your Eyes" becomes "Smoke Gets in Your Mom"... you get the idea.

This tune -- "You're in Love with My Mother" -- was something I initially drafted up some 15 years ago as a simple exploration (taken to an obvious extreme) of what porn afficionados have come to call the "MILF syndrome." In the context of the IJG, it has been repurposed (to dubious effect) to also address the above word game. (So at the end, while the band is vamping (after Tany asks "Do you want to know what was in their set?"), that's Mike Richardson yelling out a list of "Mom-ified" standards through a megaphone. Wish you could hear them in this recording, but ah well.)

Featuring the 21 Grand band (from our recent tour): Tany Ling (lead vox), Jill Knapp (vox, signs), Damon Zick (soprano sax), Gavin Templeton (soprano sax), Evan Francis (alto sax), Cory Wright (tenor sax), Kasey Knudsen (tenor sax), Tom Griesser (bari sax), Stephanie Richards (trumpet), Dan Rosenboom (trumpet), Darren Johnston (trumpet), Mike Richardson (bone), Ian Carroll (bone), Oliver Newell (bass), Dan Schnelle (drums), Andrew Durkin (conducting, composition).

Videography by Matt Lichtenwalner. It remains unedited except for the fades at the beginning and end.

And the lyric:

I met you in the month of June
and you said: "I cain't stand no more waitin'
Let's get married right now!"
so we went to my house
and you said: "Who's the chick with the apron?"

Now you're in love with my mother
You're in love with my mom
What a funky thing to discover:
you'll be my dad before long

You thought she looked cute in her PTA suit
with her Ladies' Home Journal beside her
And all of the while she would coyishly smile
How was I supposed to know
that when you came over I should hide her?

Now you're in love with my mother
You're in love with my mom
What a funky thing to discover:
you'll be my dad before long

Everyone thinks that my mother is sexy
And everyone thinks that my mother is cool
Now I think that I know why she sent me
away to the boarding school
Kiss, kiss, won't you kiss the bride?
Should I laugh or cry? I can't decide
Should I open the door, let the monster inside?

When they got married, down at the zoo
the web-camera captured it all for the Internets
She wrote his name in a purple tattoo
But when the band came in, that was the best moment yet
Do you want to know what was in their set?

Have I lost my mind? Probably.

Love your Moms, people!

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